Three Laws of the Project 31s
The goal of the community 31s is to set forth simple and clear rules for downloading and sharing films:

  1. If I watch a film I like, I will pay for it.
  2. I will give viewers of rips that I create the option to pay for them, so they can comply with Rule No. 1.
  3. I will give viewers of films for which I hold distribution rights the option to pay for them, so they can comply with Rule No. 1.

A viewer may pay even for those films which he had watched before but had no option to pay for. The project 31s uses and connects widely popular systems for data sharing. We connect existing technological components, which, thanks to fast-developing technologies, evolve faster than current legislation.

We are an open community, understanding the demands of the viewers as well as the demands of film distribution rights holders. Film distribution via the project 31s using any medium increases the profit for distribution rights holders as well as co-distributors

The Community 31s operates under the auspices of the company 31s, s.r.o, Klimentská 1746/52, 110 00 Prague, ID: 02085992

For medias


Statement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
Prague Oct 18. 2013
„We consider this project to be very inspiring and in the future also usable for other types of copyrighed works distributed on Internet.”

Statement of Minister of culture ČR
Prague Oct 30. 2013
„... I would like on behalf of the Ministry of culture to express your support for this project and wish you success and many satisfied viewers.”

Jan Svěrák
„We are discussing question of Internet piracy with people from movie industry for many years. It looked futilie and Iam pleased, that ideal of global solution of this problem originated from Czech company.”

Radim Špaček
„Producers welcome interest in theis movies, but financial cutback of pirated distribution can be often fatal. But I never underestimated the audiences willingnes to pay reasonable ammount for good film.”

Michal Bregant, director NFA
„Not only todays producers but also keepers of movie history, for which are the film archives considered, suffers from a number of illegal and poor quality content, which is located on Internet. I consider 31s as promise of better times.”